Xianduan team visited "Industrial Automation Shenzhen 2016" on June 29, 2016. Xianduan engineering team is pursuing any possible automation solution to adapt to ever growing cost-efficient requirement from our customers.

Event Profile
Industrial Automation Shenzhen 2016 is an International Industrial Control and Automation Exhibition for South China. The show is held for a period of three days in Shenzhen, China. It is an international & professional exhibition for the field of industrial control , converter, PLC, electric machine, motor, Instrument, sensor, machinery transmission, which gives an all-round show for the latest products and service of field of international Automation and offers a high effective business cooperation and communication platform.

Exhibitor Product profile
Profile of exhibit includes Programmable logic controller, numerical control system, industrial personal computer, frequency control and servo control, embedded technology, computer-aided design and manufacturing, automation software, communications network and field bus control system, integrated system, drive systems and components, industrial robots, nonstandard automatic assembling equipment, machine vision, electrical components and peripheral automatic sizing devices, valves, manuals, electrics, pneumatic actuators, hydraulic and pneumatic components, human-machines, interfaces, wireless technology and industry, servo-control systems, industrial power appliance switch, automation and instrumentation.