Custom Stamped Lead frames


Lead frames are constructed from flat sheet metal either by stamping or etching. Stamping is a highly-automated mechanical process that employs die and punch sets to progressively achieve the intended lead frame structure through a series of stamping/punching steps. Currently only stamping process is available in our factory.


Stamping materials can be CuSn6, C19400, C1100, C5210, C1220, Alloy 42(FeNi42) etc. Electronic-plating can be gold, silver and tin etc. Selective plating or whole plating can be done according to different requirement. Package modes are separate pieces and carrier tapes. Over-molded is also available in our factory.


We manufacture leadframes according to customers' own specifications and specialized dies and jigs are manufactured every time. Standard products processed by open tooling are not available in our factory now.



Stamped Lead frames